Wednesday, November 18, 2009

No more sore throat

A few weeks ago I got really sick of being sick all the time and decided to scour the web for a cure to the sore throat I have had for the past 2 years.

This has probably been the most annoying symptom I have had, as unlike all the other body issues I have, it has not responded to the diet.

So while searching for a solution I stumbled across the following suggestion for teeth brushing:

Equal quantities of salt and bicarb soda, mixed with hydrogen peroxide 3%.

I started brushing my teeth with it several times a day. Any time that I noticed my throat was sore again, I brushed my tongue, teeth and then gargle the mixture. It really foams up when it comes in contact with the bacteria in my mouth, which is very satisfying at the times when I feel really gross and my breath really smells - it makes a wonderful visual and sensory show of killing all those bugs.

In my desperation, I also decided to tweak a few more things in my diet to see if that would help. I cut out all nuts, legumes, and fruit, as I read that others have found this helpful.

The diet changes and the new dental hygiene routine really did the trick. For the first time in years I have been free of a sore throat - for days on end!! (And now weeks on end).

I have tried adding back the fruit, but it brings back the sore throat within minutes!! Weird but true.

The same happens with nuts but it takes longer.

Ive cut back the brushing to just twice a day as I don't need the extra oral cleanse now that my sore throat is gone.

My diet does seem very restricted without all those extra yummy foods, and Im eating a LOT of eggs as snacks. But it has been soooo worth the change.