Monday, February 22, 2010

I'll try anything

I have seen terrific improvements since I started the GAPS diet, and when I cheat I have terrible relapses of my symptoms, so I know the diet is working. However I am aware that I need more than just this diet to get me to full health.

I have been going crazy lately (David can attest to this). I am coming slowly off my anti-depressants and finding I am constantly irritable and irrational. Im tired and depressed and having trouble dragging myself around to do the jobs that I need to do. So I have started looking into other things to help.

I am currently reading about 6 different books on various therapies and healing tools, including, a book on Acceptance Commitment Therapy, another on Vedantic Meditation, and another on using Amino Acids to correct my mood imbalances. I am also seeing a psychologist and a "Nuero Modulation Technique" Practitioner. (Do I sound desperate!)

The problem is not that I have to come off my drugs. The main problem is that I have to keep working while I do it and Im pertified that Im going to go tropo at work. So Im  trying anything and everything so that I can keep my head above water during the transition. If I was just at home with the kids I could simply explain that I am coming off my meds and there will be a withdrawal phase where I am loopy and they would be very understanding about it all. Im not sure my boss would be as sympathetic.

I have my first appointment for the NMT this afternoon and while I feel a little sceptical I am still hopeful that it will help re-program some of my internal negative messages. What  I really wanted to write about in this post is the Mood Cure book I am reading, by Julia Ross.

A member of the gaps group put me onto it and while I havent tried and tested the books suggestions yet, they sound amazing. The book suggests that because our modern diet is so deficient in certain vitamins, minerals and amino acids, our bodies cant produce enough of the mood stabilizing chemicals (like seratonin) it needs to run the brain in the way it did when our great parndparents ate wholesome foods. So through supplementation of these vitamins, minerals and amino acids along with a healthy diet we can correct this problem.

Obviously I have the diet and mineral supplements down pat with the GAPS diet, so Im off to get my amino acids today and give it a go! The book has some very exciting success stories and I will keep you posted on how I go.