Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Myths of Vegetarianism

I recently came across this fantastic article that addresses some of the Myths of Vegetarianism. As an conscientious omnivore I find the political and moral high ground that Vegetarians take, to be offensive. Obviously not all vegetarians suggest that their way is the only way, but many do. How many other eating groups have political lobbying platforms and religion-like zealousness in their desire to convert others to their eating habits?

I find that in talking to my vegetarian friends they are swift to play the "environmental" card to support their lifestyle and try and convince me to do like wise. This article helps to debunk that myth and others. Enjoy.

Monday, March 1, 2010


What a week. Last Tuesday I had my first NMT session and Thursday I started on the Amino Acids from the "Mood Cure" book. I also decided to start having a regular enema.

The results of this have been amazing. The coating on my tongue is almost completely gone. This is something that I  have struggled with (allong with the related sore throat), for over 2 years. I have had a lot more energy this week and have felt quite a bit more centred, however Im still very forgetful and am finding that frustrating.

I have applied for a part time job, and while this usually sends me into a spin of anxiety, I have felt very positive and calm about the decision.

Ive been really sticking to the diet for the first time in over a year, which is amazing. In the past I have really be struggled with sugar cravings/bingeing/cheating etc. but in the past month when I have cheated I get straight back on the program instead of descending into a bingeing attack of self pity, and in the last week I havent cheated once!

I have had a headache on and off but that may be die off so Im not too worried.

So I dont know if it is the Aminos or the NMT or the enema's or all of them together, but something is working. For the first time in years I feel hopeful about the future. Im also a little scared that its all going to come crashing down and prove to me that I was wrong to be hopeful that I could be well - but Im not paying attention to that fear. Just witnessing it and letting it go.

I have my next NMT session this afternoon, so I will keep you posted.

Full health here I come!