Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sunflower seed meal/flour muffins

Tonight I decided to try a variation to the almond meal muffins I make all the time.

I went to the bulk food store yesterday and instead of just loading up my cart I noticed the prices as I selected each product (we are a bit skint at the moment). I noticed that almond meal was $20 per kilo - ouch!

I also noticed that sunflower seeds were only $5.95 and I wondered if I could make my muffins using seed meal instead.

So tonight I whizzed up some seeds in the food processor. They came out rather grainy and so I grabbed the coffee grinder and ground them up some more. (This process took a long time as my grinder only holds about 4 teaspoons of seed at a time and I needed 2 cupfuls!).

I was really unsure how these would turn out and I hate wasting ingredients on food that I end up throwing out, so I was feeling very nervous.

I followed the recipe in the same manner that I use when making with almonds and then slipped the muffins into the oven

when it was time to pull them out they looked delicious.

Alas when I tasted one I was slightly disappointed with the flavour. They are definitely not as good as the almond meal but they will still be eaten so at least they wont be wasted.

So my little money saving plan didn't really work. I will need to find other avenues to curb our spending.