Monday, October 12, 2009


This last few weeks have been up and down for me. I haven't really "cheated" on the diet. I am still GAPS legal, but I have been eating foods that are just too advanced for my gut at this stage.

The frustrating thing is that I was going so well and seeing some definite strides forward, but I was struggling with the intro diet during the course that I did several weeks ago and so I allowed myself some fruit each day, and a GAPS legal bread that contains a small amount of honey.

I didn't see a reaction straight away, which was wonderful, but now several of my old symptoms are back and worst of all, I am finding it very hard to go back to the intro diet again. Each day I wake up and promise myself that I will stay away from the GAPS muffins that I make for my son, and that I wont eat any fruit, but each day I end up CRAVING something else to eat. Its not really hunger as I often grab an egg or another bowl of soup when I am hankering for something, but often I am still left with a desire for something more "filling". At least that is the word that seems to go with the feeling I have. Im assuming that in the past I have felt that craving for carbs and assumed it was actually hunger. Im realising it is not, but am still finding it hard to resist the desire to fill the gap with carbs.

My current symptoms are: sore throat, fatigue and eczema. This is still a lot less symptoms than I have had in the past, which I am grateful for, but it is time to move forward and put a stop to these too.

Ive been ruminating on how I face the craving monster and I have come up with a few strategies.

1. I need to address the sore throat and it just so happens that there have been some terrific suggestions on the yahoo group about that this week. (Ill post them at the bottom of the page).

2. I need to find a low carb filler that allows me to transition back to the diet I was on before my course. I thought I would try the "carrot cake bread" that I make for the kids, minus the honey. My kids call it carrot cake bread because it does taste a bit like carrot cake. However, it is meant to the a bread substitute. It does contain nut butter, so I will experiment with some pecan butter and see how I go. (I will include the recipe in the next blog entry).

3. I will try adding a couple of electrolyte drinks per day, as the lemon juice might help quench the carb cravings. (Electrolyte drink is just a glass filtered water with half teaspoon salt and juice of half a lemon)

4. I have started adding a teaspoon of coconut oil before each meal to help keep my bowels moving, and I am also hoping that this will help the cravings

5. I need something more for lunch than just soup. I have made extra dinner tonight so I will have that for lunch along with the soup.

6. I need to do some more research on intro recipes. Ill post what I find.

Here are the Sore throat cures:
  • Chew and swallow a clove of garlic. It is not pleasant but works wonderfully to get rid of a sore throat. It would help the thrush too. Followed with cup of strong mint tea to freshen the mouth.
  • Gargle with warm water with some cayenne pepper and sea salt. I do them separately, but you can put them together.
    I make the cayenne as hot as I can stand it. It is also known as an antifungal so should be good for thrush as well.
  • Rub oil of oregano (small amount) or essential oils on the outside of your neck/throat.

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