Wednesday, October 7, 2009


This is an adaptation of Baden's "Sunflower Carrot Pizzazz"

I made this dish recently and it was soooo delicious I intend to add it to my regular menu. I didnt start out with the intention of making pizza. I just wanted to cut the cost of our meat bill and so I had been looking for some vegetarian options and stumbled on Baden's recipe. As I was making it it occurred to me that it needed a little something so I added cheese to the top and then when I served it up with dinner, we all agreed that it tasted a little like pizza even without the tomato paste base.

1 cup ground sunflower seeds (soaked and then dehydrated before grinding in coffee grinder)
2 very large carrots grated
1 very large beetroot grated
1 large onion finely diced
Basil and oregano
Salt to taste
egg (optional) I didn’t use one and it still held together fairly well
Coconut oil (optional)
Your choice of veges and cheese for the top

  • Put all ingredients except veges and cheese into food processor and make into a paste
  • Grease a glass lasagna dish and spread paste in the base
  • Bake at 140 C for 20 mins

For the topping I didn’t bother with the tomato paste but you could if you like that. I just layered slices of broccoli and zucchini on the base along with some thyme and basil and then topped with a very sparse covering of grated cheese. Of course you can use any topping but broccoli is my all time favourite on pizza so it was a must for us. I also don’t like to have too many toppings, but add as many as you like

  • Put the whole thing back in the oven and Bake until cheese is brown (dont forget to turn the oven up a little for the second bake)

This was even better the next day with salad

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  1. Hi there, what do you suggest if I don't have a dehydrator will it still hold. Many thanks Tanya