Thursday, September 10, 2009

How Im making my soup

I have discovered a delicious way of making soup. (Well after 4 weeks of eating it you would imagine that I would stumble upon some sort of discovery!!)

Basically I start with making a huge batch of bone broth from 10 litres of water, 2 full beef necks and 2 marrow bones cut length and cross ways.

I simmer that for about 24 hours and then pick off the meat and scoop out the marrow. I add the marrow back to the broth and reserve the meat. The dogs get the bones (which they leave scattered all over my lawn!!).

I then freeze the broth in batches.

I then get some more meat - lamb chump chops are my favourite, but I also use chicken thighs, lamb bones with a lot of meat still on, beef chops etc.

I saute an onion and some garlic and the meat and water to just cover the meat. Simmer for 3-4 hours until soft. Remove any bones and grizzle. The water will have simmered down quite a bit so I add a nice big dose of bone broth. Maybe a cup or three.

Then I add the veges of choice and simmer - ready for eating in about 30 mins.

I sometimes remove the veges and puree and add back to the soup to thicken. Depending on how much meat was on the second lot of bones I might also add meat from the stock making process. The double batch of meat seems to really enhance the flavour.

I didn't set out to boil two lots of meat, I just found that each batch needed more meat, and often times I was simply adding veges etc to yesterdays batch to make today's soup and I definitely needed more meat.

This soup works really well for me.

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  1. Hi, Love your blog. I found that I use osso bucco (sp?) to make my beef broth - it yields a ton of meat. I have read differing advice on the amount of time to simmer broth. The instructions on the website say to simmer for 2.5 to 3 hours, I don't remember what the book said. Where did you learn to go 24 hours? I would like to try that.

    I also discovered the puree trick. It really helps to get my kids to eat veggies that they think they don't like. My son (16) makes sure he doesn't see what is in the soup pre-puree even though he readily admits the soup is delicious - he claims ignorance is bliss in this case. My daughter (14) has no problem seeing what veggies are in it, but she doesn't like the texture of some of them. The puree trick works very well for us. I am still trying to locate beef fat to add to my beef broth. Just finally got some pork fat to render today.