Thursday, September 10, 2009

Zucchini "Noodles" with Pesto

Today I made some noodles with pesto sauce for my sons lunch.

I used the Spirooli, that I purchased from the raw store, to make some "spagetti" out of zucchini. Here is the YouTube demo that I got the idea from:

Firstly I chose a nice straight zucchini, as bent ones dont work very well in the Spirooli. Apply very little pressure as you turn the handle or you will end up with very fat pasta, more like hokkein noodles than spagetti. I was aiming for angle hair pasta.

Once the noodles are made fry them up gently with some ghee. I like to add some onion to the pan first and fry that until translucent before adding the noodles.

When the noodles are barely coooked, I add the pesto to the pan and warm it through. I then place it on a plate and sprinkle with cashews. This is absolutely delicious with Salad.

Pesto Recipe (I often multiply this by 4 and freeze some)

1 bunch of basil
1/4 olive oil
large pinch salt
pine nuts or cashews

Process together in a food processor until formed into a paste.

I like the nuts to still be crunchy so I add them at the very end and give them a little whizz through the pesto.

Here is a link on how to make the spagetti with a grater, if you dont have a Spirooli

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