Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stage 2 continued

This week has been a hard week. The die-off is leaving me feeling tired, depressed, anxious, fat, trapped, hopeless, foggy....

Not very pleasant.

Prior to stage 1 I was enjoying cooking and was planning to make cheese and yogurt for my kids. Now I cant be bothered.

I keep reading posts from other GAPSters to keep going and have faith in the program, and I am trying to keep my spirits up, but I am sick of soup and even a mouthful of fruit gives me a sore throat.

I feel like Ive become allergic to everything!

Apparently this is normal. I need to go slow and steady. More slowly than I have been! Just about every day I try to add a new food in the hopes of expanding my dietary repertoire. Obviously this is not working and in fact I wonder if it is slowing my progress?

I have cut back on all dairy. Ghee has not caused me problems in the past however I have cut this out for now as obviously the detox has made me more sensitive.

I have cut out the sauerkraut but I am having a probiotic cabbage rejuvelac drink (basically sauerkraut water without salt). This is from Bee's Candida Diet, recipe is here:

I have ordered the Saccharomyces Boulardii to help kill off the candida, and am starting on the fish oils to combat the depression.

To be honest the only thing keeping me going is the knowledge that people like Baden have had such wonderful success.

Well that is where I am up to. I dont feel up to writing anymore at the moment.

Will post those promised recipes soon

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